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Perth Businesses: Office Cleaning Guidelines

Posted by Robert Rossen on May 21, 2015 in Office Cleaning

There are a lot of people who know how to clean their home, and most of them love and very good at cleaning. However, what individuals do not realise is that household cleaning is a lot different from office cleaning: cleaning an office is more demanding and has its own particular challenges. Therefore, the best way to clean your office is to look for a good service from commercial cleaning tenders perth.

office cleaning PerthWhen you hire a good commercial cleaning company to clean your workplace, you get a ton of benefits. These services can take away from you the difficulty of this task. Most businessmen are worried about the cost of office cleaning. But the truth is, this job is affordable and is absolutely worth the price you pay. Commercial cleaning companies such as Southern Cross Cleaners charge according to the space or volume, the regularity of the service, and the time that will be given for the job – check out for more infos.

Meanwhile, another important thing to keep in mind before hiring an office cleaning service is to make sure that you’re dealing with professionals who have the right equipment and knowledge. There are so many firms in Perth offering this type of service but only a handle of them can provide you with the right quality of cleaning service you need. Doing a background check on each of your prospects will help a lot.

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The Best Office Cleaning Service in Perth is Here!

Posted by Robert Rossen on Mar 18, 2014 in Office Cleaning

Southern Cross Cleaning Services is a Perth based professional cleaning company dedicated to services such as commercial, government and industrial cleaning. Cleaning companies offer a wide array of services and they hire people who are experts in cleaning services and are  equipped with facilities that will ensure that there services are high standard.

Office Cleaning Perth

Many companies, including Southern Cross Cleaning use the most advanced and most efficient techniques to sanitize your office, whether your space is small or large. Cleaning services may include vacuuming, sweeping, collecting and emptying trash, recycling, and dusting. For office cleaning, services of some companies may include high pressure cleaning and high-rise window cleaning. Some companies also offer services for carpet and tile cleaning, hard floor maintenance which includes striping and sealing, post-construction maintenance, and grounds maintenance.

When choosing the commercial cleaning services, one should consider that a company is licensed and fully insured to avoid hassles during the process. One should also consider the competitiveness of the cleaning company and the dedication of the company’s employee to their work, to make sure that the services that you are paying for are being done. The cleaning company’s job should be done comprehensively and regularly to ensure that your space is fully sanitized and cleaned.

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7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before 7 a.m.

Posted by Robert Rossen on May 29, 2017 in Perth Business News

7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before 7 a.m.

There are a lot of things that can make one entrepreneur very successful. It may be luck, timing, connections, money, intelligence, honesty, dishonesty, attitude, etc.

When it comes to business, successful does not mean being Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Donald Trump or Mark Zuckerberg. It means achieving the success you want in your life. To achieve this goal, you need to possess the traits that these successful people have. Sure, all of them experienced failure but they are able to overcome those and reached the level that they are in today.

Successful entrepreneurs are unique. They love to do things their way and are known for their almost obsessive attraction to habits. However, these habits can bring positive effects helping these people achieve their goals. These habits also help motivate, become more productive and achieve better lives.

To become successful, you should develop a habit. You should know how to start and end your day properly. But arguably, the morning routine is the most important habit for us entrepreneurs. After all, if you start your day off on the wrong foot, it is difficult to be productive, motivated, and focused are you going to be for the rest of the day.

Check out this article to make sure that you start your day off on the right foot:

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The Best Office Cleaning Service in Perth is Here!

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Yes, you do need to be on Snapchat for business. Here’s how it makes your business better

Posted by Robert Rossen on Jan 2, 2017 in Perth Business News

The traditional concept of getting introduced to new products or brands after visiting the outlet or shop has already changed. Instead these products or brands, these days, businesses reach the customer via smart phone, social networking sites, apps etc.

Nowadays, it seems that video marketing strategies have replaced the conventional content marketing strategies. The benefits of live video streaming has started to make its impact on the long term prospects of video marketing. The brands are conducting research on how to attract customers via live streaming techniques which opens up the possibility of engaging with the customers on a more convincing manner. Live streaming advertising has the ability to penetrate a very large audience especially with the boom of smart phones and increased internet connectivity.

One of the most popular apps these days is Snapchat. Though the marketing ads published via Snapchat have specific time limits and they possess a date of expiry too, it is one of the biggest social networking apps especially among youths. It is estimated that there are around 100 million active Snapchat users in the world according to 2015 statistics. And the figures are still counting at a fast pace. Organizing marketing campaigns with the help of photos and video clip works great via Snapchat.

Read this article for more details:

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7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do Before 7 a.m.

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Perth Coolroom Repairs & More!

Posted by Robert Rossen on Jun 13, 2016 in Refrigeration

So many commercial and industrial businesses these days depend on companies that offer repairing a broken coolroom. A lot of these businesses require a way of refrigerating products they make so they are using portable and large-scale commercial refrigeration appliances.

This is particularly true in the pharmaceutical industry where certain vaccines and medicines need to be restored at specified temperatures. Otherwise, if not kept at the constant temperatures required, the drugs will no longer be viable. Thus, whenever you need a repair service, make sure to go to a reliable repair centre.

Coolroom PerthApart from the pharmaceutical industry, there are also other industries that require industrial and commercial refrigeration. There are some that require additional on-site temperature controlled storage space or coolrooms. For instance businesses in the shipping line industry often require a range of services on their boats, such as temperature monitoring, pre-trip inspection and refrigeration equipment repair.

If you are in the food and catering industry, you will also need refrigeration appliances. Most sectors of the food industry, ranging from frozen food producers to coffee shops and bars, require reliable cold storage equipment. You may also use climate controlled containers that are designed for storing produce on a grand scale.

There are many types of temperature-controlled storage equipment that are available in the market these days. These include refrigerated containers, blast freezers, cold rooms, ice machines, hot box stores and various types of refrigerated catering equipment — such as portable bars for the events industry.

Whatever type of business you are in, it is essential to take care and maintain your refrigeration units. Coolroom repairs in Perth are often expensive so proper caring can help you save some money. This may also include regular cleaning, conducting scheduled inspections, and checking of parts.

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Small Business WA: Helpful tips to avoid disputes

Posted by Robert Rossen on Jun 3, 2016 in Perth Business News

Running a business  in Perth WA can be one of the trickiest. There are plenty of things involved with managing and maintaining a successful business with satisfied employees, customers, and leadership. However, disputes can arise even in the most smooth-running and most successful companies.

Perth Business News

Having a clear understanding about the most commonly occurring disputes and being able to identify them should they arise in your organisation can help you with mediation and conflict resolution efforts.

Employment disputes are one of the most frequently occurring business relation disputes. Employment Disputes can arise for almost any reason. However, there are a number of employment disputes that are more likely to occur. These include: Discrimination based on sex, race, age disability, marital status, or any other form of employee discrimination.

Another form of dispute that is more frequent to occur is business to business disputes. The relationship between one organisation to another is delicate. When disagreements arise between companies they usually involve something larger than a personal dispute between two parties and require some serious and professional mediation or legal action.

Disputes within the leadership of a company are also one common type of business dispute. Partnerships in business can face irreparable damages, just like marriages partners can. They usually revolve around a change in leadership, a disagreement of direction, hiring disputes, and financial disputes.

Read this post for more about business disputes and how to resolve them:

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How to Install Garbage Disposal in Our Home

Posted by Robert Rossen on May 25, 2014 in Cleaning Tips

We are now living in a modern society and this means being responsible and following clear cut regulations, especially when it comes to garbage disposal. Otherwise, we are also the ones who will suffer nature’s disasters which are often caused by improper waste management.

The reality is that there are many threats in improper waste management and most of them have the power to affect your health. Thus, we need to follow the proper way of disposing our garbage and we should start from our own home.

In our home, we can install garbage disposal. It is very simple; you can check out the video below:

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Ink Stain Removal

Posted by Robert Rossen on May 20, 2014 in Cleaning Tips

Stains make fabrics and surfaces look ugly. Looking at the stained fabrics or surfaces at your home can make you terribly embarrassed especially when you have visitors and guests. Luckily, there are some cleaning solutions you can use to get rid of this problem.

Among all the stains, ink stains are one of the toughest to remove. In addition to, they are very obvious as they can be seen even from far distance. This makes ink stains very disturbing and can greatly ruin the beauty of your fabric or surface.

The most common solution for ink stain is by rubbing it with cotton and alcohol. Watch the video below to learn more about ink stain removal:

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Cleaning Your Gardening Tools

Posted by Robert Rossen on May 15, 2014 in Cleaning Tips

The garden is a very important area of your home. For some people, gardening is such a wonderful hobby. They love their garden so much and they always keep them clean. Using their garden tools, they clean their garden to prevent pests, keep away weeds and diseases.

Unfortunately, gardening tools will dull their edges when you use them repeatedly. Soil moisture with minerals contained in the ground can also stain metal and wood parts of your garden tools. Hence, if you would like your garden equipment to last look, you need to clean them regularly.

Cleaning your gardening tools is not as difficult as most people think. You can achieve this goal by following the easy cleaning steps shown in the video below:

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Office Cleaning Tutorial

Posted by Robert Rossen on Apr 10, 2014 in Office Cleaning

Office cleaning usually includes removing all trash, sweeping and mopping hard surface floors, dusting, vacuuming carpet, and cleaning the restrooms.

Every businessman should understand the importance of a clean and well-organised office. When an office space is neat and clean, there are so many advantages you can get – a better looking place and a more comfortable and productive workplace.

When doing office cleaning, you need to follow a certain procedure. You also need to use the proper cleaning tools and materials to ensure that your office is not only sparkling clean but germ-free as well.

Do you want to learn how to properly clean your office? Watch the video down here:

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Organising Your Desk/Working Space

Posted by Robert Rossen on Apr 5, 2014 in Office Cleaning

Making your workspace or desk well-organised and clean can be an excellent idea although it seems to be a daunting task.

Clean and tidy office desk can provide you with numerous advantages – it can help you access the documents and other stuffs you need and it will also help you feel comfortable with what you do.

There are some ways to you can do for keeping your desk clean and organised. All you need is be patient and understand the proper procedure of cleaning and organising your desk.

If you want to learn the proper technique of organising your desk, check out the video below:


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